The following resources provide information on using, experimenting with and scaling with the Lustre® file system.

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  • I/O Characterization of Large-Scale HPC Centers — Benchmarking Working Group, OpenSFS (PDF)

    The  OpenSFS  Benchmarking  Working  Group  (BWG)  was  created  with  the  intent  of  defining  an  I/O  benchmark suite to satisfy the requirements of the scalable parallel file system users and facilities. The  first step toward this end was identified as characterization of I/O workloads, from small scale to very large scale parallel file systems, deployed at various high-performance and parallel computing (HPC) facilities  and  institutions.  The  characterization  will  then  drive  the  design  of  the  I/O  benchmarks  that  emulate  these workloads.

    As part of the characterization, the BWG released a survey at the Supercomputing Conference in 2012,  to  solicit  participation  and  collect  data  on  file systems  and  workloads  in  HPC  centers.  This  paper  summarizes the data collected and our analysis.


Information on contributing to the Lustre file system is at the Development page.


insideHPC: “Whamcloud’s Chroma Puts a Shine on Lustre Storage
insideHPC: “Video: Architecting High Availability Lustre Storage Solution – ClusterStor 6000


Due to the availability of the source code, Lustre is frequently used as a vehicle for file systems research. Here are a few examples:

Henschel, R., Simms, S., Hancock, D., Michael, S., Johnson, T., Heald, N., … & Stewart, C. A. (2012, November). Demonstrating lustre over a 100Gbps wide area network of 3,500 km. In Proceedings of the International Conference on High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis (p. 6). IEEE Computer Society Press.

Xie, B., Chase, J., Dillow, D., Drokin, O., Klasky, S., Oral, S., & Podhorszki, N. (2012, November). Characterizing output bottlenecks in a supercomputer. In High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis (SC), 2012 International Conference for (pp. 1-11). IEEE.


The Rich Report has many videos about Lustre including interviews and presentations from past Lustre User Group (LUG) meetings.

In this video from the DDN User Meeting at SC13, Brent Gorda from the Intel High Performance Data Division presents: “Moving Lustre Forward: Status & Roadmap.”

White Papers

Schwan, Philip. “Lustre: Building a file system for 1000-node clusters.” In Proceedings of the 2003 Linux Symposium, vol. 2003. 2003.

Wang, Feiyi, Sarp Oral, Galen Shipman, Oleg Drokin, Tom Wang, and Isaac Huang. “Understanding Lustre Filesystem Internals.” (2009).