The Lustre® file system is an open source parallel file system licensed under the GPL 2.0 license for use with Linux and is open to community involvement and code development. More information on Lustre development and current discussions can be found on the Lustre Development Wiki.

Source Code

The Lustre community uses Git to manage contributions to the Lustre file system code, Lustre Manual and various development branches. Lustre is available as source or as RPMs.

Instructions on downloading the software can be found at the Download page.

Release Plans

Major releases of Lustre are tagged on the master development branch every six months.

Release Roadmap

The Lustre Community Roadmap can be viewed here.

Development Projects

A very diverse crowd of developers contribute to the Lustre source code, testing and funding development activities.  See the Development in Progress wiki page.

Bug and Issue Tracking

The Lustre community uses Jira to track bugs and to manage the source code and documentation projects. If you run into a bug and want to file a bug report, go to the Lustre bug tracker. Your issue may be already fixed or at least already encountered and a bug may exist. So, please search for your issue in the bug tracker.

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