Lustre 2.7.0 Released

We are pleased to announce that the Lustre 2.7.0 Release has been declared GA and packages are available for download.

A tarball of the source code is also available directly from the public git repository.

This major release includes the following new features:

  •  MDT-MDT Consistency Verification (LFSCK Phase 3) – Extends the FID-in-direct and linkEA verification from single MDT to cross-MDTs cases, and adds some inconsistent check/repair for remote object and striped directory. This development is funded by OpenSFS.
  • Dynamic LNET Config – Allows runtime configuration of Lustre networks, routes, and routers.
  • OST Placement – Provides fine-grained control of object placement via ‘lfs setstripe’. This development originated from Fujitsu.*
  • UID/GID Mapping -This is an IU developed feature that will allow mapping certain networks into pre-defined user/group ranges in order to avoid potential overlaps within different administrative domains. This is a technology preview that will be fully available in a future Lustre release.
  • DNE Striped Directory preview -While the striped directories are available in 2.7, it is not yet possible to do hard links or atomic rename() of files across MDTs within a striped directory, which will return -EXDEV. This will cause userspace tools like mv and rsync to make a copy of the file, but may be unexpected for some applications and users.

Fuller details can be found in the Changelog.

The following are known issues in the Lustre 2.7 Release:

  • LU-5939 – HSM agent operations might be replayed improperly in case of a server crash due to recovery. While producing error messages from HSM client at the time, this is safe since the agent will retry once the server is back up.
  • LU-6338 – Command lnetctl import del may show an error message even when the operation was successful.
  • LU-6340 – Sample lnet startup script may improperly configure Lustre routers configuration if both old and new style config information is present.

NOTE: Users should note that usage of the e2fsprogs-based lfsck has been deprecated and replaced by “lctl lfsck_start”. Using older e2fsprogs-based lfsck may lead to filesystem corruption. Once available, it is also recommended to use e2fsprogs-1.42.12.wc1 (or newer).

Please log any issues found through the issue tracking system.

We would like to thank OpenSFS for their contributions towards the cost of the release and also to all Lustre community members who have contributed to the release with code and/or testing.